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How Arizona Construction Crane Accidents Happen

How Arizona Construction Crane Accidents Happen

Construction cranes are vital for many projects in Arizona, as they can lift and move heavy materials and equipment with ease and efficiency. However, cranes are also complex and dangerous machines that can cause serious accidents and injuries if not operated or maintained properly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 297 fatal crane-related accidents in the United States from 2011 to 2017, resulting in 323 worker deaths. In Arizona, there were 9 fatal crane-related accidents in the same period, resulting in 10 worker deaths.

What Are the Common Causes Of Crane Accidents?

Crane accidents can happen for various reasons, but some of the most common causes are:

  • Human Error: This can include operator error, such as exceeding the crane’s load capacity, operating the crane in adverse weather conditions, or failing to follow safety procedures. It can also include worker error, such as entering the crane’s swing radius, working under a suspended load, or failing to wear protective equipment.
  • Mechanical Failure: This can include defects or malfunctions in the crane’s components, such as the boom, cables, hooks, brakes, or controls. It can also include improper assembly or disassembly of the crane, or inadequate inspection or maintenance of the crane.
  • Environmental Factors: This can include external factors that affect the crane’s stability or performance, such as high winds, lightning, power lines, or uneven terrain. It can also include hazards on the worksite, such as debris, obstacles, or other vehicles.

What Are the Common Types of Crane Accidents?

Crane accidents can result in various types of injuries and damages, but some of the most common types are:

  • Crane Collapse: This occurs when the crane’s structure fails or collapses due to overload, instability, or structural damage. This can cause severe injuries or fatalities to the operator and workers nearby, as well as damage to property and equipment.
  • Crane Contact: This occurs when the crane or its load comes into contact with an object or a person. This can cause electrocution, burns, cuts, bruises, fractures, amputations, or death to the operator and workers nearby.
  • Crane Fall: This occurs when the crane or its load falls from a height due to loss of control, detachment, or breakage. This can cause crushing injuries, head injuries, spinal injuries, internal injuries, or death to the operator and workers below.

How Can Crane Accidents Be Prevented?

Crane accidents can be prevented by following some basic safety tips and guidelines, such as:

  • Hiring qualified and experienced crane operators who have received proper training and certification.
  • Conducting thorough and annual crane inspections in Arizona of cranes and their components before and after each use.
  • Performing routine and preventive maintenance of cranes and their components according to manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards.
  • Using appropriate and well-maintained rigging equipment and accessories for lifting and securing loads.
  • Following the crane’s load chart and capacity limits and avoiding overloading or underloading the crane.
  • Operating the crane in accordance with weather conditions and visibility and avoiding operating the crane near power lines or other hazards.
  • Establishing a clear communication system between the operator and workers on the ground using signals, radios, or spotters.
  • Implementing a safety zone around the crane and its load and prohibiting unauthorized entry or access.
  • Wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, gloves, boots, goggles, and vests.

How Can Cranegod Services Help You?

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